Influencer Post Contract


  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Influencer agrees to do the following:
    ● Create a clear video with you in a well-lit area with your face showing while presenting the COMPANY along with a demonstration of the product. Be creative!
    ● Use only COMPANY products provided by Company in the video
    ● Include the key points provided by Company in your created video and caption.
    ● All content must be submitted for approval at least 7 days before the scheduled post time.
    ● Post videos on SOCIAL PLATFORM on the days with approved verbiage that you create or verbiage that will be provided by Company
    ● Each video must be a minimum of 1 minute long.
    ● Allow for a minimum of 3 hours after the video is posted before posting again and not delete the videos.
    ● Give Company the right to use the video and its likeness for promotional reasons i.e., repost on Company social media, website, etc.
    ● The video needs to be in 16:9 ratio wide and can be cropped to a ratio of 1:1
    ● The video must be at least 720p.
    [email protected]_control_ and leave a review on the product(s) received.

    In exchange, Company agrees to the following:
    ● Pay Influencer for video post (Youtube, Tiktok, or Instagram) via PayPal upon receipt of invoice the day of the post.
    ● Send Influencer product(s).
  • If the video is not clear and the product(s) is not seen, you will be asked to redo it. To prevent that, you must send it to us for approval at least 7 days prior to posting. Company will not post or share video(s) prior to your scheduled post.

    If Influencer fails to post at the specified time and date with the verbiage provided, money should be fully refunded to Company immediately unless written approval has been sent by Company.
    WHEREAS, both parties agree to the terms listed above.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY